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Advantages of HD-AHD Megapixel HD Analog Camera

Time:2020-11-22 17:59:47

Traditional cameras:

1. Digital HD Cameras develop fast, depending on the widely popularization and application of network technique. But it needs specialized network knowledge, traditional suppliers and consumers are blank and at loose ends.

2. HD-SDI analog cameras operate easily, but price is high, and only available to transfer in short distance.

3. HD-CVI analog cameras can transfer in long distance, but the whole cost is high due to limit of back-end match, and it is a need to improve the video effect.


For newly developed AHD analog HD cameras, it has characteristics as below:

1. Support 720P resolution, up to 1MP,1.3MP, super high clear image quality, the image is vivid and smooth.

2. Transferring distance is far: transfer max. 500 meters without loss on common coaxial cable, like SYV-75-3 and etc., point-to-point stable transfer without delay.

3. Compatible with special AHD DVR and traditional analog 960H DVR, clearer than common analog camera, no limit on back-end brand name, it would reduce entire cost.

4. AHD DVR can work with AHD Camera, common CCTV Camera, IP Camera.

5. Support IRC(infrared filter switch automatically) and color chance to B/W automatically, support distributing 1ch video into more channels video via traditional analog video distributor.

6. Low cost, lower more than HD-SDI, more stable than HD-SDI, more convenient than HD-SDI to operate, image quality approach to HD-SDI.